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BSA Troop 168

Troop 168 is sponsored by Saint Patrick Parish    Carlisle, PA.

T168 will head to Rodney Scout Reservation

in North East, MD, June 18-24, 2023.

Scouts, take the time to read through several items:   

Comprehensive RSR Information page on which the 2022 Leaders' Guide (04/15/2022) can be found.  It is not linked since the large file exceeds our website parameters.  The Leaders' Guide includes photos of two of T168's Eagles!  Sam Wetzel is on pages 2 and 7 and Matt Keating is on page 11

2022 Program Schedule              (03/03/2022)

2022 Merit Badges & Prereqs     (03/03/2022)

2022 Brownsea Letter                  (03/14/2022)

                    Suggested Packing List

                                 camp chair

                                 water bottle                                 

                   Camp Website

                   Camp Map


                   Directions: Carlisle to RSR

                   Driving Directions

Our Schedule

Sunday, June 18, 2023

  • Arrive at the pole barn at 9:00 AM to begin packing Troop trailer and vehicles.
  • Plan to depart for RSR at 10:00 AM.
  • Pack a lunch. First meal will be dinner.
  • Wear Troop T-shirt for trip.
  • Pack Class A uniform on a hanger on top of your gear. (Will need Sunday PM.)

Saturday, June 24, 2023

  • We will depart RSR after our Troop clears morning inspection.
  • We anticipate our return to the pole barn on/about 12:00 PM.                                                                                          
  • Scouts without a cell phone will be able to borrow one to call their parents/guardians when we are thirty or so minutes from Carlisle.
  • No one leaves until the Troop trailer is unloaded.

Don't Forget! current physician-completed Annual Health and Medical Record is required! 

If you've been vaccinated against COVID, please attach a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination card to your medical form.  

Older Scouts will select which merit badge classes they wish to take.

First-year Scouts will take RSR's acclaimed Brownsea Program.


Brownsea Program HINT:      a soccer/sport drawstring backpack works well for carrying your towel and water bottle!

Wish to send something to your camper?  

Address it to:

Scout’s Name, T168, Minsi Campsite

Rodney Scout Reservation

400 Rodney Scout Road

North East, MD 21901

Due to mail/delivery delays, consider sending several days BEFORE their week of camp begins.

Alternatively, you can give personal letters to your adult leaders that are dated for when your Scout should receive it. This prevents the risk of letters not arriving in time to reach your Scouts.

Suggestion: Invest in a plastic footlocker! They're great for packing a week's worth of camp items.