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BSA Troop 168

Troop 168 is sponsored by Saint Patrick Parish    Carlisle, PA.

Lighting A Cotton Ball (Competition)

Equipment – Fire sparker for each person, matches for each person, surface that a cotton ball can burn

on (may scar), cotton balls, fire safety water, timer

2 points - Burn two cotton balls all the way to ash (no white left, the hint is to fluff the

cotton ball, let them fail first):

  • Everyone on the sled team will burn an entire cotton ball using just a spark.
  • Everyone on the team will burn a cotton ball using just a match. Use the match and set the burnt match(es) next to the cotton ball.
  • If teams are not even, the patrol leader of the largest patrols picks who does not compete.
  • Lose one point if all cotton balls are not burnt in 3 minutes.
  • Lose one point if more than 2 matches are used to burn the match cotton ball.
  • The first team to have all cotton balls properly burnt gets .5 points.